"I love good days like this! How about you?”

"It is quite nice! I think I might take a walk out in the fields."



       ”Well, I guess the other beach-goers need some protection, too! Do you have your suit?”

"It should only take a moment or so to get. Do you…need anything? Sunscreen? I think I should have an extra towel…"

friendly reminder that even if i take ages to reply, i still want to roleplay with you

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       ”Who wants to go to the beach?”

"Ah! Maybe I should go. You know, in case of Fastitocalons." And a little sun might be nice.

Strange how I’m inclined to believe that I miss his company. A Turk, of all people. 

Temporary Hiatus!

I haven’t been around, as some of you all know. I’m going to need another week probably. Lots of real-life stuff I have to take care of. But! I’ll be back soon, and ready to get some threads going. c:

Blue Magic; Okay guys, I’m about to pass out at the keyboard. I need to sleep. ♥


Blue Magic; BESIDES QUISTIS, I CONSIDER HER MY WAIFU. I’m not even kidding. I love her so damned much. I want to cosplay every one of her outfits ever.

resident evil? . v .

Blue Magic; Claire of course! Haha. Man RE is one of my favorite game series ever. I like so many characters, but I’ve always been attached to Claire. Ever since her debut, she’s been my favorite. She’s such a badass, but then has Terra Save. She’s so damned caring despite all that’s happening around the world. I just have a lot of feels for this girl and all her relationships.

I could rant about how much I adore her, but I shall not for I am fatigued. ; u;


Blue Magic; I would have normally said Talim because she was always my favorite, but then Pyrrha came along. I’m drawn to her because she is so damned sad, hates the idea of fighting, but ultimately has to because she’s terrified of death. Poor baby, I just want to hug her forever and kick her douchey brother in the face and make them be a happy family.


Blue Magic; Alright well, my favorite character is Mileena, but I think if I were to RP seriously in this fandom, I’d pick Sonya Blade. And I’d post a sample, but MAN AM I TIRED. GOMENS.

Sailor Moon?

Blue Magic; This is where I’d normally put an excerpt of a sample RP for one character, but with this fandom, I can’t choose just one. I always had an attachment to Neptune, and Jupiter. But then there’s Nephrite, and man, the Witches 5 (Tellu tho—) and the Black Lady! THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE I’D RP FROM SAILOR MOON. 

Probably Mamoru (Darien) tho. TBH. 

Funfact, I played Usagi in a fan-made revue show of Seramyu a couple years back, where I translated a lot of the songs into English (and by translated, I mean I musically arranged the translations so they’d make sense and flow correctly with the melodies). I was originally cast as Venus, but our Moon was so busy and couldn’t attend rehearsals, so we switched spots.

//hides forever


Blue Magic; FORGIVE ME, FOR I HAVE SINNED. I don’t…know much about Tekken. I grew up with SoulCalibur and Mortal Kombat. ;A; 



No one could possibly intrude on the lady when she was in a good mood, especially when tea time was involved. It was a daily ritual in which everyone was invited because tea was wonderful and could bridge the gaps of two worlds. Tea is magical. “Oh? I hope you like trying out new tea! I serve a new kind almost every afternoon in the lounge here." A hand was waved towards the little parlour table set up with its chairs and other assorted accoutrements for the occasion. "Today I’ll be serving an Oriental tea made of jasmine petals, infused with fruit to give it a extra bit of sweetness and a special shot of  vitamins. Great for the skin and soothing for the nerves. Would you like to have a cup?


She had no idea who the woman before her was, but if she was just offering tea and pastries, there was no reason she could think of that would deter her from forming some kind of friendship. Her hands clasped together in delight, listening to the description of the beverage. It sounded absolutely marvelous. She could already feel herself relaxing. 

"Yes, please, if you don’t mind! I would love some tea."

(Not so) friendly reminder…

… that taking someone else’s ideas and writing and passing it off as your own is theft, and is a really shitty thing to do. I’ve just discovered someone who reproduced my headcanons and took an ask almost word-for-word to use in their own reply, and I’m livid right now. This is the same person who has twice stolen my urls for their own rp blogs.

Someone comes up with an idea that you like and would like to use yourself? Like and reblog the post, or make a new post linking to them and giving them credit. And then ask if you can use that, because it’s not your idea to take and pass off as your own. 

I just saw a popular blog had to go on hiatus because someone thought it was okay to steal from them. You know what? It’s not. Don’t fucking do it. Don’t do it to me, don’t do it to anyone else. 

Plagiarism is wrong, it’s childish, and it’s uncreative. I don’t want to have to send another message to someone explaining this, and I hope no one else has to either. 

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